Information about 2022 Perception Surveys in Gwinnett County Public Schools

  • Each year, to help improve our schools, Gwinnett County Public Schools collects feedback from our families, students, and staff members about their school experience. This year, the school district is giving Educational Effectiveness Surveys (EES) to get feedback on nine characteristics of high-performing schools. Those characteristics are:

    • a clear and shared focus;
    • high standards and expectations for all students;
    • effective school leadership;
    • high levels of collaboration and communication;
    • what we teach, how we teach, and how learning is measured and aligned with AKS standards;
    • frequent monitoring of learning and teaching;
    • focused professional development;
    • supportive learning environment; and
    • high levels of family and community involvement.

    In addition, the surveys ask about two other areas associated with high-performing schools—district support for improvement and respect for diverse cultures and backgrounds.   

    Links to the student, parent, and employee surveys will be available in the appropriate GCPS portal (Student Portal, Parent Portal, Employee Portal) during the time each survey is live. Parents and families will also receive School Messenger communication with links to the Family Survey.  Key dates in the process are:

    March 14-April 2:  Family Survey is open (Available Languages: English, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, and Vietnamese)

    March 15-March 25:  Staff Surveys are open

    March 21-April 20:  High School Student Survey is open

    March 23-April 20: Student Survey is open for students in grades 4-8


    We encourage families, students, and staff members to share their feedback through this process. In addition, we want to provide our parents and caregivers the opportunity to preview the questions that will be asked of students. Please click here to learn more about the Student Survey and the process to follow if you do not want your child to participate in the EES Student Survey.