Addressing Concerns at School

  • Gwinnett County Public Schools finds that the quickest and most effective way to resolve a concern regarding your child is by addressing it at the most direct level.Addressing Concerns at School: Teacher, Assistant Principal, Principal, Assistant Superintendent, Associate Superintendent

    In our school district, we care about each and every student. We also believe that open and honest communication between parents and teachers is a key to student success. Thank you for partnering with your child’s teacher and school to address any concerns.

    1. Teacher - First, talk to your child’s teacher or a counselor at school for assistance. Most concerns are resolved at the classroom level.

    2. Assistant Principal - If the concern is not resolved at the classroom level, please visit with your child’s assistant principal.

    3. Principal - If working with the AP does not adequately address the issue, please meet with the school principal.

    4. Assistant Superintendent - If the issue persists, please call 678-301-6000, and ask to speak to the assistant superintendent who is assigned to the school your child attends.

    5. Associate Superintendent's Office - If, after following steps one through four, your concern has not been resolved to your satisfaction, please contact the Associate Superintendent for School Improvement and Operations.

    Other Resources
    If you are experiencing an emergency, dial 9-1-1. The GCPS Hotline for anonymous reporting of potential violence is 770-822-6513. If you have a non-emergency criminal concern, please contact local law enforcement.

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