• Parent e-Tips

    April 20, 2023

    Share self-control strategies with your teen Teens need to know how to behave without always being told by an adult. But self-control takes practice. Talk with your teen about recognizing personal warning signs. If clenching teeth is a sign your teen is getting angry, feeling that happen should signal that it's time to cool down. When a situation makes your teen feel uneasy, encourage asking, "What can I do to steer this in a more positive direction?" https://tpitip.com/?33dT18608


    April 19, 2023

    Short chats add up to meaningful conversation A teen who longs for independence may not have any interest in a long talk with you. But you can still talk with your teen about the issues that matter. Just figure on having five or six short talks instead of one long one. Talk about something for five minutes, then, as your teen disappears into another room, press the "pause" button. After dinner, pick up where you left off. Over time, you'll cover the issue, just in short bursts. https://tpitip.com/?33dS18608


    April 18, 2023

    Turn your teen into a history detective Many teens think history is just memorizing boring facts. To help your teen see history in a new light, suggest reading it like a mystery where your teen is the detective. Your teen can skim a chapter and ask, "Who are the main people involved?" "What do they want?" "Who is against them?" "What has to change for them to get what they want?" "Do they get it?" "How?" Then, have your teen read the chapter carefully and reveal the answers to you. https://tpitip.com/?33dR18608 


    November 17, 2022

    Show your teen that education matters

    Your involvement in your teen's education is just as important now as it was in elementary school. To promote achievement, help your teen maintain a regular study time every day. Show support by working quietly nearby when your student works. Talk with your teen about the importance of attendance, and show that you value education by getting involved in a school activity, such as the parent-teacher organization.



    Muéstrele a su joven que la educación es importante Su participación en la educación de su joven es tan importante ahora como lo era en la escuela primaria. Para promover el éxito, ayude a su joven a mantener un horario fijo para estudiar todos los días. Mientras él estudie, trabaje en silencio usted también para mostrarle apoyo. Hable con su joven de la importancia de la asistencia, y muéstrele que usted valora la escuela participando en una actividad escolar, como la organización de padres y maestros.



    November 18, 2022

    Share a rewarding tip to encourage hard work Having something to look forward to can motivate students to start and finish assignments. So the next time your teen is having a hard time tackling a challenging assignment, suggest planning a little something fun to do when it's completed. Your teen might take a few minutes to text a friend, or spend the time on a favorite hobby. Let your teen decide what a reasonable reward should be.



    Sugiérale a su joven que se recompense por su esfuerzo Esperar algo con ansias puede ser una estupenda manera de motivar a los estudiantes a comenzar y terminar los trabajos escolares. Por eso, la próxima vez que su joven tenga dificultades para hacer un trabajo complejo, sugiérale que planifique algo divertido para hacer cuando lo termine. Podría tomarse unos minutos para enviarle un mensaje de texto a un amigo o para trabajar en su pasatiempo favorito. Deje que su joven decida cuál sería una recompensa razonable.