6th Grade Summer Reading

  • Book
  • Please note that this page is for the 2022-2023 school year. 

    At Trickum our students are required to read throughout the school year and over the summer. Below is a suggested list of novels. Students may choose a book not listed below as well!

    Directions: Write your first and last name, the books’ titles, and the authors’ names on the top of each activity. This assignment is due August 19, 2022 for a grade!

    • Read TWO books.
    • Complete TWO activities for each book you read.
    • You will have a total of FOUR activities from the choice boards.
    • Each activity is worth 25 points.

    Extension Activities

    • Read more books by participating in the TMS Summer Reading Celebration using GCPL’s Beanstack program. (There will be a celebration!)
    • Consider reading a memoir or an autobiography as sixth grade starts with a memoir unit.

Teacher Overview

  • Reading
  • Suggested Novels

    • As Brave As You, Jason Reynolds - Realistic Fiction
    • Tristan Strong Punches a Hole in the Sky, Kwame Mbalia - Fantasy
    • Lost Boys, Darcey Rosenblatt - Historical Fiction
    • Amal Unbound, Aisha Saeed - Realistic Fiction
    • The Crossover, Kwame Alexander - Verse
    • The Canyons Edge, Dusti Bowling - Realistic Fiction
    • When the World Turned Upside Down, K. Ibura - Realistic Fiction
    • Us, In Progress: Short Stories About Young Latinos, Lulu Delacre - Short Stories
    • Marley Dias Gets it Done: And So Can You! Marley Dias - Autobiography
    • This Kid Can Fly: It’s About Ability (Not Disability), Aaron Philip - Memoir
    • Classic Novels (Anne of Green Gables, A Wrinkle in Time, The Giver, Little Women, etc.)
    • Refugee, Alan Gratz - Realistic Fiction (if you choose this book you can get an AudioBook version but you must be logged in with your GCPS Google account)

    Still need a book? Stop by the Paw Prints Book Bin – open 24 hours a day, seven days a week!

  • Fiction Assignment Choices

    • Comic Strip
      • Choose an exciting chapter from the book and draw a comic strip illustrating each event. (Include at least 4 events.)
    • Group Chat
      • Create group chat between the protagonist and antagonist.
    • Timeline
      • Create a timeline sequencing important events from the story. Label and illustrate each event.
    • Muddy Moment
      • Reflect in writing on what frustrates or confuses you about a Chapter? Why? (Be sure to cite evidence and explain your reflections)
    • Conflict/Resolution
      • List 3 conflicts (problems) and their resolutions from the book. Explain how the conflicts could have ended another way if the characters had made different choices.
    • "So What?" Journal Response
      • Write a journal response to one of the chapters focusing on the importance of the chapter. Use the questions to prompt your thinking. (1) What is the main idea of the chapter? (2) Why is it important? (3) How might you use the information presented in the chapter to become a more thoughtful reader?
    • Collage
      • Create a collage of images and symbols around one of the themes in the story. Explain your choice of images in one paragraph.
    • Interview
      • Pretend you are going to interview one of the characters from the novel. Write 6 questions you would like to ask them. Also predict what their answers might be, based on what you’ve read in the story.

  • Nonfiction Assignment Choices

    • What is the main idea of what you read? Give 3 details to support the main idea.

    • Write 3 important facts or new information from your text. Give 2 opinions about the topic.

    • What text features do you notice? What is the purpose of each text feature? What text feature would you add and why?

    • What are some words you did not know in your text? Use a dictionary to define 5 new words. Write a sentence using each word correctly.

    • Think of 3 reasons why others should read this book. Write 2 sentences to support each of your reasons.

    • Create a 10 question quiz about the book you read and create an answer key on a separate sheet.

    • Using what you learned while reading, create a song or poem to explain your topic.

    • After reading the text, write 4 things you want to learn more about. Next, research those questions and write about what you learn.