• Kindergarten World Languages -- Portuguese/Kindergarten

    A - Basic Oral and Listening Communication

    • use common greetings and expressions
    • respond to classroom instruction and directions
    • explore feelings and emotions
    • explore likes and dislikes

    B - Vocabulary Development

    • recognize and use the alphabet
    • recognize and count numerals
    • recognize and name selected colors
    • recognize and name selected shapes
    • recognize and name days of the week and months of the year
    • recognize and name seasons and basic weather vocabulary
    • recognize and name classroom objects
    • recognize and name immediate family members
    • recognize and name selected articles of clothing
    • recognize and name selected parts of the body
    • recognize and name rooms in the house
    • recognize and name selected foods and beverages
    • recognize and name selected animals

    C - Culture

    • locate and name countries where the target language is spoken
    • explore holidays and traditional celebrations of the target language cultures
    • explore significant people from the target language cultures

    D - Connections, Comparisons, and Communities

    • explore connections to learning in other subject areas
    • explore and compare basic language features
    • explore comparisons of the target culture with the students' culture
    • explore where students can encounter the target language beyond the classroom setting