• High School Social Studies -- Gifted Directed Study

    A - Independent Directed Study

    • select and narrow topic and research questions
    • establish time management skills and effectively put them to use (e.g., schedules, organization, record keeping)
    • formulate appropriate research questions
    • determine the adequacy and/or relevancy of information
    • identify issues and/or problems
    • document sources
    • draw conclusions and make generalizations
    • present information through reports, demonstrations, and projects
    • apply critical-thinking skills
    • use a variety of sources to gather information

  • High School Social Studies -- Gifted Internship

    A - Preparation for Work

    • participate in mock interview practice
    • evaluate appropriateness of proposed internship experience
    • prepare appropriate cover letter and résumé
    • identify interests, aptitudes, and abilities that will contribute to a career choice
    • complete interview process, including completion of procedural requirements, preparation for interview, and appropriate follow up

    B - Exploration of the Career Field

    • describe work experience on consistent basis
    • identify and use professional journals in the career field for career exploration
    • develop personal list of learning goals for internship experience
    • identify time management issues related to the career field
    • verify hours earned on consistent basis

    C - Demonstration of Acceptable Work Habits

    • exhibit traits of honesty and truthfulness
    • dress appropriately to work situation
    • show positive attitude, enthusiasm, and energy
    • adapt to the work environment
    • demonstrate the ability to maintain confidentiality
    • display businesslike demeanor on the job
    • demonstrate characteristics of a team player
    • accept and respond appropriately to criticism
    • exhibit skills and growth in initiative, human relations, and job knowledge
    • communicate effectively
    • attend and participate in required seminars
    • cooperate with mentors, peers, clients, and/or customers 

    D - Response to Evaluation

    • use supporting evidence to respond appropriately to evaluations
    • appraise evaluations by supervisors