• High School Other -- Affective Skills - 9-12

    A - Affective Skills

    • develop a goal and implement an action plan related to decision making, conflict resolution, interpersonal relationships, and/or behavior and monitor progress toward reaching the goal
    • identify and utilize strategies to prevent or solve interpersonal conflicts
    • demonstrate an understanding of the positive and negative impacts of words in addition to verbal and nonverbal emotions/ actions on self and others
    • develop and maintain positive personal and school relationships
    • demonstrate responsible decision making based on the situation, environmental/ social cues, and potential consequences
    • demonstrate an understanding of and respect for all people, groups, and cultures, including recognizing and empathizing with the feelings of others
    • understand and demonstrate self-control and awareness of personal emotions, behaviors, and space
    • identify and practice ways to self advocate for academic, personal, and social needs in a respectful and appropriate manner

  • High School Other -- Study Skills - 9-12

    A - Study Skills

    • set and work towards individual goals
    • demonstrate appropriate and effective test-taking strategies
    • demonstrate the attitudes and habits necessary for school success, as appropriate to the current course schedule/ grade level
    • demonstrate appropriate and effective study, learning, and note-taking strategies for the content area(s) of focus
    • utilize a variety of resources and study aids including both print and digital resources
    • identify, reflect on, and utilize personal learning style strengths and preferences
    • work independently and in collaboration with others
    • demonstrate efficient organization and management of time and materials