The GIVE Centers

  • The purpose of the Gwinnett InterVention Educational (GIVE) Centers is to:

    • At the discretion of the tribunal officer(s) or Board of Education, provide an education opportunity for those students whose unacceptable behavior has excluded them from the regular school program for more than 10 days.
    • Reduce the number of students being totally excluded from a middle or high school
    • Provide suspended students an alternative to total school exclusion and provide them the opportunity to improve their behavior and return to the regular setting.

    Length of school sessions

    • All students at the GIVE Centers will be required to attend the entire daily sessions, unless they are participating in another joint enrollment program.
    • Students must make plans to arrive no earlier than 15 minutes before classes begin, and they must report to their classrooms upon arrival to campus. They must not remain outside the building before and after school. They must leave immediately when school ends for the day.

    Miscellaneous facts about the GIVE Centers

    • There are two locations, GIVE Center East (Lawrenceville) and GIVE Center West (Norcross).
    • Students in grades 6–12 may attend the GIVE
    • Students enrolled at the GIVE Centers may be allowed to enroll in online
    • Students are required to wear a staff-approved