• Man at a computer screenGwinnett County Public Schools first determines the salary for employed individuals by position type, and then by prior related and documented work experience and education. It is the responsibility of the employee to obtain verification of experience from an authorized Human Resources official of your former employer. All experience forms must be received within the current fiscal / school year for any salary adjustment to be made. A salary adjustment will not be made to a previous fiscal year.

    The Verification of Previous Work Experience forms are available below. Please use the form that is most appropriate for you, based on your position with the district. You will need to complete the top portion of the form, and send the form off to your previous employer(s) via email, fax, or paper mail, for the bottom portion to be completed. An authorized Human Resources official of your previous employer then returns the completed form to the Compensation Administration office. Upon receipt, your previous work experience will be evaluated for potential salary credit, and salary credit applied where appropriate. For information regarding the evaluation of prior work experience for salary credit, please refer to the Compensation section of the Frequently Asked Questions.

    Verification of Classified / Non-Teaching / Private Industry Work Experience

    •  - This form should be used to verify experience in a classified/non-teaching/private-industry position - this may include paraprofessionals, clerical staff, central-office support staff, technology staff, custodial staff, and school food staff.
    • Verification of Coaching / Extracurricular Experience - This form should be used to verify experience as a coach, sponsor of cheerleading, newspaper, yearbook, or other academic groups.

    If you have any questions about your salary or your verification of previous work experience, please contact your Human Resources Compensation Assistant.