Role of Parents and Families During an IEP Meeting

  • Parents and families are important, vital members of the IEP Team.

    Parents and families…

    • Provide information on the student’s strengths and weaknesses at home.
    • Provide background information on the student’s history and physical and social development. 
    • Provide information on any family factors that may affect the student’s learning. 
    • Are the only adults in the educational process who have been and will continue to be deeply involved throughout the student’s school career.
    • Have the opportunity to spend more hours working side by side with the student, observing work at home and in the community. 
    • Observe the student’s learning style in the home/community.
    • Collaboratively participate and communicate with educators.
    • Be open and willing to ask questions and give feedback during meetings and after progress is provided.
    • Should be aware of what your educational rights are as a parent under IDEA. 

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    Each member of the IEP team plays a key role in supporting each and every child’s education. We must collaborate together to ensure that all students succeed.