Communicating for Your Child

  • Review the tips below from our GCPS Parent Mentor to learn more about communicating for your child.

    Tip #1: Building Relationships is the Key to Success

    • Parents and teachers are a team in the education of a child and must establish the foundational groundwork for a strong relationship.
    • Good communication skills are essential to building strong relationships.
    • The health of the relationship between home and school can positively affect the academic success of the child. 


    Tip #2: Don’t Wait for the Teacher to Take the First Step

    • Make sure you know who your child’s teachers are. 
    • Make an effort from the beginning of the school year to get to know your child’s teacher.
    • Stay in frequent contact with your child’s teacher.
    • Partner with your child’s teacher to determine how you will stay in touch (email, communication log, phone calls, conferences). 


    Tip #3: Do Not Avoid Conflict. Seek to Resolve it.

    • Despite our best efforts, there may be times that we do not see eye to eye. 
    • If handled well, conflict can be productive and can lead to deeper understanding, mutual respect and stronger relationships.
    • You have influence on communication as both the listener and the responder.

Resources for Communicating with Schools