Transition Planning with the IEP Team

  • IDEA mandates transition planning take place by the time students are 16 years old.

    • In Georgia, transition planning begins when students are 14 years old or will be turning 14 in that IEP period.
    • Transition Planning takes into consideration the student’s preferences, strengths, interests and course of study based on present levels of performance and age-appropriate transition assessments. 
    • IEP teams also solicit parent input regarding transition planning. 
    • Transition planning is individualized and will focus on the following areas, as appropriate for the student:
      • Post-secondary education
      • Employment
      • Independent living

    Transition IEP goals will be developed in the following areas, as appropriate:

    • Education/Training
    • Development of Employment
    • Community Participation
    • Adult Living Skills and Post School Options
    • Related Services
    • Daily Living Skills