Transfer of Rights

    • In Georgia, when an individual is 18 years old, they have reached the Age of Majority and are therefore considered an adult. 
    • When a student is 18 years old, educational rights transfer from you, the parent(s) to the student. 
    • The school system must notify the student and you, the parent(s) of the Transfer of Rights in writing prior to their 18th birthday.
    • Beginning not later than one year before the student reaches the Age of Majority under state law, the IEP must include a statement that the student has been informed about the upcoming Transfer of Rights.
    • Examples of rights transferred:
      • Right to receive notice of and attend IEP Team meetings.
      • Right to consent to Evaluations/Reevaluations
      • Right to utilize dispute resolution processes.
      • Right to review and inspect education records. 
      • The adult student may designate parents as members of the IEP team as individuals who have knowledge or special expertise regarding the adult student. 

    If guardianship is awarded by the probate court, provide documentation of the court order to be kept on file at the local school.  For more information on how to pursue guardianship, please visit: