• Collaboration

    SEL Competencies: Self-Awareness, Self- Management, Social Awareness, Relationship Skills, Responsible Decision Making

Frequent Use Strategy

  • Through Collaboration, teachers intentionally design learning experiences in which students work with one another toward the completion of a task or goal. Collaborative learning should be developed so that it requires the perspective, knowledge, skills, and research of every student.

    When using Collaboration, the teacher will design and facilitate partnerships and small groups within the classroom that allow each student to contribute in a purposeful manner toward a designated goal.

    Students will assume various roles within a group to accomplish a task, contribute significantly to the completion of the goal, and assess their own and others’ contributions to the task.

    Collaboration is not simply grouping for conversation, nor is it the division of a task into parts for each group member. It is best used when a common product or goal requires multiple perspectives and various types of submission or components, and when, through discussion and engagement, students contribute varied components of knowledge, different perspectives, or different skills to deepen understanding and improve the final product.

Look Fors

  • Teacher Behaviors for Promoting SEL Competencies

    • Create a classroom where democratic norms in place and where students provide meaningful input into the development of the norms.
    • Guide students through conflict by teaching, modeling, and practicing problem-solving and conflict-resolution strategies.
    • Establish an element that requires collective accountability, allowing students to collaboratively process how they work together and monitor their progress toward their goal.

    Student Behaviors for Developing SEL Competencies

    • Establish and maintain norms/boundaries.
    • Monitor and document progress toward goals.
    • Communicate effectively with others (verbally and nonverbally).

Model Lessons


  • Math ES 1197-3

    In this video, the teacher provides an opportunity for students to work and discuss real-world problems while checking for understanding from students.

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  • Math HS 1207-12

    In this video, the students work to analyze, assess, and communicate their thinking on the math task.

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  • Math HS 1207-13

    In this video, students work to analyze, assess, and communicate their thinking on the math task.

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  •  Teacher monitors students

    Math MS 1200-2

    In this video, the teacher monitors students as they work collaboratively

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  •  Teacher teaching math in front of classroom

    Math MS 1200-4

    In this video, the students work in collaborative groups to solve a task and the teacher poses questions to students to deepen their understanding of the concept.

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  •  Students in class

    Math MS 1219-10

    In this video, the students use visual models to build a conceptual understanding while working with their peers to accomplish the task. The video illustrates students providing input and feedback on the work.

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  •  Students work together

    Math MS 1219-11

    In this video, students work together to discuss and accomplish a collaborative task. The students engage in providing input and feedback on the perspectives of their peers.

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