• What is the purpose of the MAP Universal Screener?

    • The MAP Growth Diagnostic will be administered to every ninth grader at least once.  Some ninth and tenth graders will be assessed additional times throughout the year to monitor progress toward academic goals.
    • Universal screeners will allow teachers to identify students in need of enrichment/acceleration or who are at risk for poor learning outcomes
    • Universal screeners seek to find areas of skills that need to be improved or areas of skills that are strong. 
    • Universal screeners are used to help teachers formulate the next steps needed in instruction. 
    • Student scores on the universal screeners will be used as a first step in identifying students who qualify for additional tests for gifted identification.

    When is the screener administered to students?

    • MAP Growth Reading and Math will be administered to all ninth graders and any tenth grader with performance below the 25th percentile on the previous Universal Screener in the Fall.
    • MAP Growth Reading and/or Math will be administered to any ninth and tenth grader with performance below the 25th percentile in the Winter.

    What can parents/students do to prepare for the Universal Screener?

    Your student will be ready!  The adaptive nature of the Universal Screener allows for each student’s needs of enrichment and/or acceleration to be determined.  Have your student get a good night’s rest and do their very best.