• What is the purpose of the Universal Screener?

    • Why is it called a universal screener?   Because it is administered “universally” to every student in grades K-10.
    • Universal screeners will allow teachers to identify students in need of enrichment/acceleration or who are at risk for poor learning outcomes
    • Universal screeners seek to find areas of skills that need to be improved or areas of skills that are strong. 
    • Universal screeners are used to help teachers formulate the next steps needed in instruction. 
    • Student scores on the universal screeners will be used as a first step in identifying students who qualify for additional tested for gifted identification.

    When is the screener administered to students?

    • Universal screeners are administered three times each school year.
    • The fall administration helps teachers understand the skills that students are bringing into the new school year.
    • The winter administration provides an opportunity to look for effectiveness of interventions and/or for student growth during the semester.
    • The spring administration gauges student growth throughout the school year, helps for planning summer learning opportunities for students, and again provides an opportunity for enrichment/acceleration, as needed.


    What can parents/students do to prepare for the Universal Screener?

    Your student will be ready!  The adaptive nature of the Universal Screener allows for each student’s needs of enrichment and/or acceleration to be determined.  Have your student get a good night’s rest and do their very best.