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    FAFSA & Financial Aid

    All seniors and their parents/guardians will need to complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). One of the best resources is FAFSA customer service, as they are used to all types of questions! 


    Make sure you are on the .gov site and not another website. There are fake websites out there that charge to fill out the FAFSA. Remember that the F at the beginning of FAFSA stands for FREE. The customer service at FAFSA is wonderful. They are there to help EVERYONE through the process if you have questions. On this website is the FAFSA4Caster.  This gives you the opportunity to estimate your financial aid numbers.

    GA Futures

    This is where students get information about the HOPE Scholarship. It is critical to stay updated on the HOPE Scholarship requirements and changes.

    College Board Net Price Calculator 

    All colleges should have a Cost Calculator on the website. These give an estimate of what the family would owe if the student attended. It is 100% dependent on the information entered but provides a great estimate for families who want a quick look at what they might receive in financial aid. This link is for the College Board's page that allows you to search for colleges' net price calculators.