How to Create a MyPaymentsPlus Account

  • MyPaymentsPlus logoFor Gwinnett County Public Schools families, MyPaymentsPlus is the resource for student meal accounts, and accessing options to review and pay for school activities. Students and families are also able to review Handbook Information for Elementary and Middle/High School students through MyPaymentsPlus during the back-to-school time period and student registration throughout the year.

    Please review the following instructions to set up an account on MyPaymentsPlus for each student in your household.

    1. Visit and click on “Register Now”.

    2. Select “Georgia (GA)” as your state and “Gwinnett County Public Schools” as your institution in the dropdown.

    3. Create a profile by entering your name, email, and password and click “Register”.

    4. Select “I am a Parent or Guardian with student(s) in Gwinnett County Public Schools,” then click “Next”.

    5. To link your student’s account, enter your student’s GCPS ID and last name. Once you have entered your student’s information, then click “Done”.

    Student ID numbers may usually be obtained by contacting your student’s school. If your child’s last name has a suffix, please keep that in mind when entering the last name. Examples: “Smith Jr.”,“Smith IV”, “Smith-Arnold”

    6. You will receive an email confirming your registration is complete. You may enter your username and password to begin using MyPaymentsPlus.

    Please click on the following links to view instructions: 

  • How do I add a student to my existing account?

    How to Add a Student to an Existing MyPaymentsPlus Account 

    • Go to and log into your existing account.

    • On the first screen, click “My Account”
      Main announcements screen
    • Click “Manage Accounts”

             MyPaymentsPlus profile screen

    • Click “Add Account”

            Add Account screen

    Make sure the state of Georgia and Gwinnett County Public Schools are listed.

    Follow instructions 1-3 below:

    1. Enter the student’s 9- digit ID number
    2. Enter the student’s last name.

      • For last names with an apostrophe, leave out the apostrophe and use a space instead.
      • If student has a double last name try the full hyphenated name.
      • If that does not work, enter both names without the dash
      • If that does not work, enter the very last name
      • If that does not work, contact the school for assistance.
    3. Click “Add Account”

            Add Account option

    •  The student’s name will now show in your account. Click on the “Events & Activities” tab to see what items are listed for payment at your student’s school.

            Events and Activities screen


  • How do I complete a pop-up form?

    How to Complete a Pop-up Form in MyPaymentsPlus

    Note: In this example, we are completing the Alternate Transportation Parent Authorization Form

    1. Locate the form. The example form is listed under the “Transportation” category.
    2. Check the box to add the form to the cart.Form view screen
    3. Click Continue Payment. Nothing will be charged to complete this step.Continue payment screen
    4. The pop-up form appears. Scroll through the form to complete all necessary information.Pop-up form screen
    5. After entering all required information, click Continue.Required information screen
    6. Continue through the check-out process by entering payment information and ensuring that all items have been added to your cart. In this example, the Alternative Transportation Parent Authorization Form is listed and the payment amount is zero. Click Continue Payment.Continue Payment screen
    7. The verification window is displayed. Please verify that all information is correct.
    8. Click Complete Payment. A receipt will be displayed with a confirmation number.

    Complete Payment screen

  • How do I acknowledge orientation and Title I documents?

    Please view this video for more information.

    1. Sign in to your MyPaymentsPlus Account Login screen
    2. Click the blue link to navigate to the school’s website.  Navigate screen
    3. Once at the school’s website, click to review the document. In the example below, the parent would click on the link to “The Plan/The Promise” document. The document is available in either English or Spanish.  Plan/Promise screen
    4. After reviewing the document, click the “x” to close the document and return to the MyPaymentsPlus screen.  Document review screen
    5. Click in the box to acknowledge that you have read and understand the document. If you have additional required documents to review, please repeat Step 2 through Step 5 for each document until all check boxes are marked.
    6. Click “Continue”.

    Review and continue screen

  • How do I download the MyPaymentsPlus app?

    GCPS, together with MyPaymentsPlus, provides a secure online environment to add funds to lunch accounts, acknowledge important information and documents, and pay for various fees collected during the school year for both students and staff.

    There are three ways to register for a MyPaymentsPlus account.

    1. The most convenient and user-friendly way is to download the App. Search for MyPaymentsPlus in the App Store or Google Play and download the App to your cell phone or tablet.  Mobile download screen
    2. Scan the QR code below to go directly to the website.  QR Code screen
    3. On a desktop computer, using Google Chrome, type to go to the website.

    Once you have the App downloaded or you are on the website, click “Register Now” to create your account and follow the steps listed on your screen. You will need to enter your student’s ID number and their last name.

    Attaching the student ID number to your account is the only way to access your student’s school account. If you are an employee, you will need to type your complete employee ID number (including all letters and numbers).

    This is the only way to access your school account. Once the ID number and last name are entered, Click “Add Account”.

    You should now see the cafeteria account along with any documentation, fees or activities that are available to your student.