Rule 2: Damage, Destruction, or Misuse of School Property or Equipment

  • A student shall not cause or attempt to cause damage to school property or alter/misuse school technology or any other equipment, including accessing unauthorized areas on the computer. A student shall not steal or attempt to steal school property. A student shall not engage in unauthorized access/alteration of school/teacher/student records maintained by GCPS. A student shall not possess, sell, use, buy or transmit stolen school property or attempt to possess, sell, use, buy or transmit stolen school property.

    The prohibited behaviors include, but are not limited to, the following:

Student Infractions and Behavioral Responses

  • SRO Notification: Rules marked with an “X” require the local school administrator to notify the SRO. If a rule is marked with “XX,” the SRO will notify the District Attorney’s office.