Rule 11: Other Conduct which is Subversive to Good Order

  • A student shall not perform any other act which is subversive to good order and discipline in the schools. This includes but is not limited to violation of local school rules; violation of state and federal law; involvement in criminal gang-related behavior and/or criminal gang conduct as defined and prohibited by O.C.G.A. § 16-15-3 and § 16-15-4; providing false information to school personnel; unauthorized possession or inappropriate use of laser pointers, and electronic communications devices (including tape recorders, CD Players, MP3 players, video games, radios and televisions); loitering or trespassing, providing false information to or about school personnel, providing false information to or about school personnel, or community misconduct that would be so serious as to pose a threat to the school community.

    A student shall not hold oneself out as a member of a criminal street gang identified by the Gwinnett County Gang Taskforce by one’s mode of dress, means and method of communication including the use of hand signs, or the possession or publication of gang writing/symbols.

    Subject to the rules listed below, the Gwinnett County BOE permits students to possess electronic pagers or communication devices on a limited basis and provides local school principals with the authority to set forth rules pertaining to student possession and use of such devices at their individual schools.

    The prohibited behaviors include, but are not limited to, the following:

Student Infractions and Behavioral Responses

  • SRO Notification: Rules marked with an “X” require the local school administrator to notify the SRO. If a rule is marked with “XX,” the SRO will notify the District Attorney’s office.

  • NOTE ON RULE 11T: The first violation of Rule 11T is a Level II or III violation. However, with a Gang Activity Contract, any future offenses would be elevated to Level IV or V.