Rule 13: School Bus Infractions

  • No student shall cause or attempt to cause (either directly or indirectly) a disruption or interference with a school bus by any means including, but not limited to, any of the following behaviors:

Student Infractions and Behavioral Responses

  • SRO Notification: Rules marked with an “X” require the local school administrator to notify the SRO. If a rule is marked with “XX,” the SRO will notify the District Attorney’s office.

  • All other GCPS rules still apply while on the school bus or at the bus stop.

    Safety is the first priority while transporting students to and from school. While on a school bus, the bus driver/manager is the school official who has supervisory responsibility of students. Drivers must be able to concentrate on their driving at all times. A momentary distraction from their concentration can lead to a serious accident resulting in injury or death. The safety and well-being of each student depend on everyone following the standards of conduct outlined in this Code. That safety is why certain infractions have a different level of consequence or are singled out as a school bus infraction.

    If a student is found to have engaged in bullying or other acts of physical violence such as physical assault or battery of another person on the school bus, a meeting with the student’s parents or guardian and appropriate school officials will be required in order to develop a school bus behavioral correction plan for the student. See O.C.G.A. § 20-2-751.5.

    Any student who receives an in-school suspension or assignment to Opportunity Room (for elementary students) for a bus infraction may forfeit their bus-riding privileges on the day(s) of suspension.