New Beginnings Club Overview

Phone: 678-376-8629


Degrees and Certifications:

Yudelkis Nivar-Brito, Elisa Navarro & Usha Malhotra

The New Beginnings Club is focused on helping students, new to the United States, acclimate to the educational and social system of the country.

During the meetings we will:

1. Explain the importance of education.
2. Discuss the school daily schedule (arrival time, departure, connection, STEM, homework, etc.) and expectations.
3. Invite speakers (Students in good standing, staff members and church members from various churches) come in and share their experiences on coming to this country.
4. Invite community members from various sectors and entities (library, fire dept, doctors, military, etc..) discuss their careers.
5. Play bonding games to strengthen connections.
5. Assign a mentor/buddy (staff member) who will eat lunch twice a month with the student.
6. Discuss the various resources in their community (YMCA, Sports club, Library, parks, etc.)

Students will participate in an end of the year project to speak about their country of origin and things they enjoy about the U.S.A.