Internship Partners

  • Each year, we are fortunate to have a number of community partners who are gracious enough to provide clinical experiences for our students. These partnerships are never taken for granted and are the pride of our Health Science Programs. Students who are eligible to participate in these programs become the face of McClure Health Science and represent the future of health care to our communities. We set high expectations for students participating in these programs and every year these students meet or exceed these standards. Internships not only provide a way for students to practice the skills they are learning in class, but also to develop communication skills, professionalism, and relationships. Many students have been able to identify areas of interest they did not previously know they had through their internship experiences. Our partnerships provide a number of experiences to help students stand out from their peers in college and job applications. 


    These internships serve as pipeline opportunities for students to not only gain experience, but also future employment. McClure HSHS and community partners have placed 5 students in jobs post-graduation as of Fall 2022. We expect to increase this number every year! Placement in these facilities can likely help students with tuition reimbursement, health benefits, and build experience as they continue their education or career growth. 


    EJC      GNR HEalth      Skylark      Peachtree   Northside