8th Grade Articulation

  • Students WorkingEighth Grade is a time of significant change! Students have evolving friendships and are experiencing more independence. It is also a time of transition. In the spring of every year, students in 8th Grade will complete transition activities and a four-year high school graduation plan. Please use the information provided by our GOC High School Counselors to learn more about registration, dual enrollment, and high school graduation requirements.

    We are excited to partner with you on helping your child with college and career! We know it can feel overwhelming at times. Please feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns.

9th Grade Elective Options and Pathways

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Carnegie Credits

  • Students in 8th grade may earn one Carnegie unit for passing the following approved courses if the course is taught by a teacher who is certified 6 -12 in his/her specific content area:

    • Accelerated Algebra I
    • Algebra I
    • Physical Science (HS Course)
    • Introduction to Digital Technology
    • Introduction to Business and Technology
    • Marketing Principles
    • Spanish I

    A student's parent/guardian is required to sign the Carnegie Unit Credit Decision Form at the end of the school year indicating either the credit for the course(s) taken will be for middle school credit or as a Carnegie Unit towards high school graduation; this year, the form will be completed electronically through the Parent Portal.

    Students may not earn 1/2 Carnegie credit for courses. Courses that earn a high school Carnegie credit in middle school will not be used in the grade point average (GPA) calculation for high school, nor will be used in GPA calculations for the HOPE scholarship, according to current Georgia Student Finance Commission rules for HOPE.

    Both semester grades (not the yearly average) will be used to determine credit earned. If the student successfully passes both semesters, then a 'P' will be placed on the transcript and not a grade. A 'P' will equal 1.0 unit of Carnegie Credit earned.

    The process of application for Carnegie Units for 8th grade students will open in May.

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9th Grade Virtual Meeting Recording