• Collaboration

  •  AKS


    By collaborating with classroom teachers, we are able to support them in helping all students master the AKS.

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  • Book Trailers

    Book Trailers

    Students enjoy learning how to make book trailers on books they have read and love.

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  • Grants


    We depend upon grants to bring our students the latest technology, books, and devices.

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  • Media Center Games & Kids Teaching Kids

    Media Center Games & Kids Teaching Kids

    Social emotional learning is very important to us at Head Elementary. We want to teach children skills like self-awareness, self-control, and interpersonal skills. These skills are important for success in school, at work, and in life.

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  • Orton-Gillingham


    We want our students to read for pleasure, background knowledge, academics, and research. We fully support the Orton-Gillingham method, which is making a difference in the lives of some of our young readers!

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  • Reading with Robots

    Reading with Robots

    During this program, students use Wonder League Dot and Dash robots. In order to get the robot to move, students must read carefully and closely. This program has made a big difference in our reading comprehension!

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