• Video Tutorial - How to place a book on hold

  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • What does it mean to place a hold?

    Placing a hold on a book means that you are on the "wait list" for it. As soon as the book is returned by the current borrower, the next person on the wait list will get to check out the book.


    How long will it take for my book to arrive?

    Time may vary widely. It depends on how many copies of the book we have, when students return their books, and how many are on the waist list.


    I just placed a hold on a book that the catalog says it is "In" at the media center. Where is my book?

    Holds are processed early in the morning by media center staff. Please allow 1-2 school days for items that are shown as "checked in."


    How will I know that my hold is ready?

    If you are next in line for the book, we will check it out to you and email your Language Arts teacher. The book will be placed in their mailbox.


    Help! Why is the book I placed on hold in a different language?

    The TMS Media Center has a World Languages / Bilingual section to serve our students that speak another language at home. Please check the call number / section / genre of the book you are placing on hold. If it says "World Languages" or has a "BIL FIC" in the call number, it will NOT be in English.