Academic Support

  • GSMST’s curriculum is rigorous and accelerated.  To be academically successful, students must be motivated to learn and seek academic support regularly.  Successful students follow the tips below.

    • Use a calendar or daily agenda to record assignment details and deadlines.

    • Check each teacher’s eCLASS page daily.

    • Take excellent notes in class and review them often.

    • Use a study partner or study group.

    • Ask plenty of questions and communicate with your teachers.  

    • Attend teacher office hours to receive help, especially when you feel behind in the class and when you are preparing for assessments.  

    Check out additional study tips from GSMST students on the counseling page.  


    Guided Study

    Guided study is a twenty minute class period before 5th period every Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.  Students may receive additional help and intervention during this time by scheduling an appointment with a teacher.  


    Teacher Office Hours

    All GSMST teachers offer weekly intervention/help hours.  It is vitally important that students take advantage of this time to get extra help if they are struggling in their classes.  We highly recommend that students seek help from their teachers whenever they are struggling with a particular concept or if they have a C or lower in the class. 


    Peer Tutoring

    Several student organizations offer tutoring for GSMST students.  Students should sign up for a tutor using the appropriate links in eCLASS.

    • National Honor Society (NHS) - All subjects
    • Computer Science (CS) Club
    • National Spanish Honor Society (Sign up is located on your Spanish teacher’s eCLASS page)