• Student Assessment Dashboard User Guide


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    1.  Across the top of the page, individuals will see a series of filters that can be applied to the data: Language, Education Level, Cluster, School, and Content.

    a. To activate a filter, click on the radio button (darken the button) to activate the filter. (see image below)

    selection level for elementary, middle, high, and special entity

    2. The lefthand navigation bar enables individuals to apply additional filters based on: Performance Levels, Student Groups, Race/Ethnicity, and View by Grade or School.

    3.  The bottom righthand corner contains three icons Three icons.

    a. The Reset Filter Reset Filter icon will clear all filters applied to the chart.

    b.  The Key Terms Key Terms icon icon provides context for the data on the screen regarding Performance Levels, Student Groups, and Program Groups.

    c.  The Informational Informational icons icon discusses the data utilized within the dashboard.

    4.  The Student Assessment Dashboard contains the following four (4) reports: All Student Groups, Trends, Performance Level, and Reading Status which can be viewed by using the Navigation Bar Navigation bar located at the bottom center of the page.  Click on the arrow on the right to progress to the next page or on the left arrow to see the previous page.