Summer Assignments

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  • German: Sommerarbeit für Deutsch

    Sommerarbeit für Deutsch: This assignment is for students who are skipping a level, or who would like extra enrichment during the summer.

    Summer Assignment

    FILM: Nikos Weg A2

    Go to the website linked above and watch all 18 episodes of the film.

    1. Do the exercises that go along. Summarize every episode in German in about 5 sentences.
    2. Take the Final A2 test at the end.
    3. In English: Write a short reflection - how much did you learn from the listening/reading exercises, how difficult was the final A2 test, and what was the biggest challenge.
    4. In English: Write briefly which other authentic resources you used for enrichment (reading, listening,  You Tube videos etc.)

    Turn in to Frau Menosky when you return in August:

    • Summary
    • Score of the A2 test
    • Short reflection about “Nikos Weg”
    • Short reflection about other authentic sources used for enrichment