Math Summer Assignments 2023

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  • AP Calculus AB & BC

    Preview for AP Calculus AB & BC 2023-2024

    The optional summer assignment may be completed over the summer, but it will be officially assigned on the first day of class and due by Wednesday, August 9th, 2023.

    Welcome to AP Calculus!

    Calculus is a fantastic class where you will learn a LOT about slope and area under a curve.  You will learn math that ties together algebra, precalculus, and geometry all at once.  It is a wonderful class that will have you ready for that AP exam at the end of the year!

    This packet is meant to review the algebra and precalculus skills that you have learned over the last few years. These skills will help when you start at AP Calculus Parkview in the fall. These concepts will help you to focus on the calculus and not have to worry as much about the basics. Please make sure to show your work and feel free to use additional paper if necessary. Please try your best to do these problems without a calculator. We will review this material during the first week and our first test will cover many of these concepts. You are welcome to use khan academy if you have any questions or send us an email if you need any hints.

    We also wanted to give you a head start on materials needed for the fall. You will need:

    1. 3 ring binder for math only.
    2. Notebook paper
    3. Pencils
    4. Colored Pencils/Pens or highlighters
    5. Texas Instruments Graphing Calculator (such as a TI-84). This calculator will be an investment and should take you through college. These may also be rented from the school for $30 a year.

    We are very excited to meet you in the fall and look forward to working with you as a panther at the best high school in the nation. If you have any questions, please e-mail us at (Remind code is @pvcalcbc) (AP Calculus BC) or (AP Calculus AB). We are going to have a fantastic year ahead!

    See you in August,

    Coach Lord and Ms. Kimbro

    Please click the link below to download the AP Calculus Summer Assignment packet.

    AP Calculus AB and BC summer packet 2023-2024.pdf - Google Drive