FY2O24 BUDGET: Student-Centered, Equity-Focused, and Future-Driven

  • Focusing on Access and Opportunity for All Students, Early Literacy, School-BasedGCPS logo Resources, and Compensation

    Each year, Gwinnett County Public Schools (GCPS) develops and adopts a budget for the next fiscal year beginning on July 1. The proposed FY2024 Budget supports GCPS’ strategic direction to transform public education so that it is truly student-centered, equity- focused, and future-driven. The alignment of budgetary investments with our strategic plan—Our Blueprint for the Future—ensures that each and every student is ready for success after graduation.

    The FY2024 Superintendent’s Recommended Budget:

    The Recommended Budget calls for $3.0 billion in the six funds that comprise the Total Budget. The proposed General Fund, which represents 77% of the Total Budget and funds the primary day-to-day operations of the school district, accounts for $2.3 billion of the total. This represents a 3.1% increase in the General Fund that can be attributed to improvements in the areas of expanded access and opportunity for students, early literacy, safety and security, school-based resources, and compensation.

    FY2024 Improvements:

    In the area of improvements, the proposed FY2024 budget includes investments to expand access and opportunity for all students, accelerate early literacy, prioritize school-based resources, and increase compensation. These improvements include:


    • A salary step increase for all eligible employees;
    • A $3,000 increase for all employees paid on the teacher salary schedule;
    • A minimum 4.0% cost-of-living increase for all employees not paid on the teacher schedule, with larger percentage increases in lower-compensated positions to achieve a minimum starting salary $15 per hour; and
    • Funding the rate increase for the employer-paid portion of the state health benefits plan for all general fund employees, esti- mated at $102.1 million.

    Access and Opportunity for All Students:

    • Funding to support GHSA-approved athletic programs and extracurricular activities in the middle and high schools;
    • Increased funding for expansion of extracurricular program support;
    • Funding for program initiatives and personnel centered around whole learner support;
    • Increased funding for support of Health and PE, Fine Arts, and College and Career Programs;
    • Funding for programs that support GCPS educators seeking advancement of university degree opportunities; and

    Funding for summer enrichment programs to address learning loss.

    Early Literacy:

    • Funding of general education Pre-K at eight schools, with 16 classrooms supporting 256 students;
    • Funding for adoption of science of reading at 20–25 elementary schools; and
    • Professional development for all K-5 teachers to build under- standing of science of reading and structured literacy components.

    School-Based Resources:

    • The addition of 194 instructional and support positions required to accommodate the projected growth of 2,064 students and our continued work to lower class sizes;
    • An additional 63 special education teachers, an additional 22 special education Pre-K teachers, and 38 Pre-K paraprofessionals;
    • Funding for additional nurses;
    • Funding for teachers to purchase classroom supplies; and
    • Addition of one new middle school in the Archer cluster and the build-out of the GIVE Center West.

    Safety and Security:

    • Funding for staff, and systems such as safety alert systems, security vestibules and fencing;
    • Funding for safety equipment for all custodial staff, and enhanced maintenance and operational support; and
    • Funding for services that support enterprise disaster recovery and audio-visual systems.

    Revenue Sources for FY2024:

    GCPS will receive a net increase of $175.5 million in state funding over the previous year due to the following:

    • $32.7 million for a $2,000 salary increase allotted through the State Teacher Salary Schedule;
    • $17.3 million for projected student growth;
    • $4.5 million for the state-funded portion of teacher salary step increases (compensation for training and experience) and the additional certificated employees who will be enrolled in state health insurance plans;
    • $88.2 million in additional state funding to fund the state share of employer increases on certified educators who participate in SHBP.
    • GCPS will receive $88.7 million in Equalization Grant funding, an increase of $54.1 million from the previous year; and
    • Offsetting state funding will be the school district’s “Local Five- Mill Share,” a required cost of participating in the state’s Quality Basic Education (QBE) funding formula. For FY2024, GCPS’ five-mill share will be $224.3 million, compared to $203 million this year. That is an increase of $21.3 million.

    In terms of local funding, the property tax digest is expected to grow by 6.0%, resulting in an increase of $53.6 million in local property tax revenue. The proposed budget does not recommend an increase in the property tax millage rate.

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