• Posted May 23, 2023
    Chromebook Expectations During Summer Break

    The Device Collection Check-in and Check-out happened for all grade levels.  Students' devices will remain with the student through grade 8.   All Chromebooks for current grades 6 and 7 were checked for the following:

        • GCPS name tag
        • Student's first and last name
        • Damaged screens
        • The top and bottom covers
        • Missing keys from the keyboard

    As a reminder on how to take care of your Chromebook:

        • Students should keep food, drinks, or other liquids away from the device.  
        • Keep devices on a hard, solid surface like a table or desk. 
        • Students should clean their devices, including the screen, with alcohol wipes only. 
        • Keep the device within the residence of the student.

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