My student is TRANSFERRING from another Gwinnett County Public School

  • Step 1: Obtain a Change of Status Form

    The GCPS school from which the student is withdrawing should provide the Change of Status form (along with a withdrawal form) to the family requesting the change.

    Parents of students transferring from one GCPS school to another should complete the Change of Status Form, submitting it along with proper documentation to the new GCPS school.

    Step 2: In-Person Registration

    ***Bring the withdrawal packet from previous school and the required documents to complete the registration during our registration hours***


  • The following persons are authorized to enroll students:

    • Parent (natural or adoptive)
    • Legal guardian
    • Foster parent approved by a state agency
    • Sponsor for approved International Exchange Program

    The person authorized to enroll must present one of the following:

    • Driver's License
    • State-approved identification card
    • Passport
    • Other official photo identification