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Activating Your ParentSquare Account

  • Don't see an email to activate your account? Check out our Activate your Account section on our ParentSquare Tips for Parents and Guardians page for additional options. 


    1. Open the invitation email or text. Click Activate your account or tap the link to activate your account. 


    2. Create a Password for your ParentSquare account and click Register

    Image showing the password creation screen on a phone screen.


    3. Click Confirm for your phone number and/or email. A verification code will be sent to the email or phone number. 

    4. Enter the verification code to confirm. 

    Image showing the confirmation screen for phone and email.


    5. Confirm your child(ren) by clicking Confirm. Use Not My Child if a child listed is not associated with your account. 

    6. Select Yes, This is Me when you have confirmed your contact information and child(ren) associated with your account. 

    Name misspelled? Wrong email or phone number? Missing a child on your account?

    Contact your child's school to get this information updated. 

    Image showing information confirmation screen.

    The ParentSquare apps are free and available in both the Apple iOS and Android stores. 

    Image showing QR codes for the Apple iOS and Android store.