•   Posted July 28, 2023  
    Get ready to share the power of our voice with GCPS!

    The Student Advisory Council (SAC) is a platform where students can make a difference in their school district by sharing their ideas, perspectives, and concerns with the district's superintendent and other administrators. Through collaborative discussions and active participation, SAC members can influence important decisions directly impacting their education. By joining the SAC, middle school and high school students gain a unique opportunity to develop leadership skills, build networks, and advocate for positive change within their schools.


    If you are a student in grades 6-12 and are passionate about making a difference and contributing to the educational system, applying to the Student Advisory Council is a rewarding step that allows you to have a voice in shaping your school district's future.


    Learn more about the advisory council on our website. Applications will be available through the Student Portal from August 9-27, 2023.