• Information

    • We are asking parents (or guardians / significant adults) to join us for breakfast during the Month of September.
    • Pastries with Parents (Guardians) allows students the opportunity to have 1 to 2 adults of significance join them for breakfast on the assigned date during the month of September.
    • Join your child(ren) for breakfast on the date assigned to your portion of the alphabet anytime from 7:15 AM until 8:20 AM in the Camp Creek cafeteria.
    • Breakfast for adults is $2.50 and $1.50 for students.
    • You may use your child’s meal payment account to purchase breakfast OR pay in cash.
    • We would ask that, if you choose the cash option, you come prepared to pay with small bills such as ones and fives - we don't start out with much change and may not have change for large bills.
    • When attending Pastries with Parents, please utilize parking in the LARGE LEFT LOT (closest to GSA) at Cornerstone Church located directly across the street from Camp Creek ES.

Pastries with Parents

  • Dates

    (A-E): Friday, September 1, 2023; 7:15 AM

    (F-L): Friday, September 8, 2023; 7:15 AM

    (M-P): Friday, September 22, 2023; 7:15 AM

    (Q-Z): Friday, September 29, 2023; 7:15 AM