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    Instructional Resource Public Review

    Fall 2023


    As part of the core instructional resources selection, pilot, and adoption process, Gwinnett County Public Schools solicits feedback from Gwinnett County residents, GCPS staff, GCPS students, and parents/guardians of current GCPS students.  While most resources are core resources (intended to directly support instruction of the AKS in the specific grade/course), some supplementary resources (intended to be used to support instruction in conjunction with a core resource) are also under consideration. 

    Should you have any questions or want to schedule an appointment to review print copies of the resources under consideration, please contact Instructional Resources & Support by emailing instructional.materials@gcpsk12.org or by calling 678-301-6828.  Appointments are available during business hours as well as some evening/ weekend hours. 

    This public review will be available until October 31, 2023. We appreciate your participation.


  • Resources under consideration are organized by subject area and school level. To begin, choose your areas of interest from the chart below. Alternatively, leave the selections as “All” and click “Submit” to see a list of all resources available for review.  After the page refreshes, click on the link to access a digital version of the resource using the provided username and password. Once you have reviewed the chosen resource, please submit feedback using the links below.

    Please use this link to provide feedback on potential school resources

Select your areas of interest below to review the available pilot resource(s).

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