• Frequently Asked Questions


    Are AP classes hard?

    Advanced Placement courses are just that: advanced. So, expect a challenge. You might find that your grade is lower than you are used to in an honors or CP class, and for that reason Gwinnett County Schools gives students ten extra points at the end of each semester’s AP class grade. A grade of 75 becomes an 85 at the end of the semester with the ten points added, for example.

    How much homework will I have?

    Expect to have more work each night than in non-AP courses, often an hour for each AP course for each hour spent in class. Students who  have a job and work more than 20 hours a week or spend more than three hours a day with extracurricular activities or sports will find time management a challenge.

    How many AP courses can I/should I take?

    While colleges look for students to challenge themselves with AP courses, it is also important to consider what you are comfortable with. Some highly motivated, high achieving students can manage five and six AP courses while other students may find two to three to be an appropriate challenge for them. 

    How do I earn college and high school credit by taking an AP course?

    By enrolling in and passing each semester of an AP course, you earn high school credit. In order to receive college credit, you must take the AP exam in that course in May and earn a 3 or higher. You must check with the college you are interested in attending to know what they accept for credit.  Link to college board site with more information on earning credit.

    Does it cost anything to take an AP course?

    While there is no fee for the class, there is a fee for the test. Currently, students may take their first test for only and administrative fee of $10; every other test they take that year is $91. So, if you are taking three AP classes this year, you would pay $10+$91+91. Students who are eligible for free or reduced lunch also get a reduction on their test fees. 

    How does taking an AP course affect my HOPE Scholarship chances?

    HOPE Scholarships require a 3.0 average. In consideration of the HOPE Scholarship, the extra ten points awarded by GCPS are taken away, and HOPE calculates the grade with an extra .5 points. So, if your grade in the course is an 85, with the ten points you get a 95. Hope re-calculates this so that your 85 is a 3.0 on a 4.0 scale, and for taking the AP course they give you an extra .5, which would make your HOPE grade a 3.5.