• Von Jett

  • Ana Sovaiala

  • Ivy Porbeni

  • Suusuu Hlaing

    I graduated college with a B.S in Psychology with a plan to pursue a Masters in Social Work. I absolutely love dogs and have 2 of my own, including 2 goats, 1 sheep, and 1 pig. I have a little farm going on. My career goal is to be recognized for assisting kids with finding a home. I am open minded and do not mind getting a little dirty for a lot of fun.

  • Kimberly Pozarelli

    I have a MS in Marriage Family and Child Counseling, I am married with a 24 year old daughter. I love to embroider and cook. I live to watch the cooking shows on Foodnetwork on Saturdays and Sundays and collect recipes that I think I want to try, but typically don't make, lol.

  • Gail Smallwood

  • Keyonna Square

  • Kimbler Taylor

  • Sharik Jones

  • Lizbeth Puche

    I am original from Colombia South America. My family in United States is Roxana my stepdaugther, Adriel my grandson, Jesse my son in law. I had been working 17 years in Nesbit Elementary. I like traveling and visiting family and friends.

  • Melba Whiteside

  • Karen Gibbs

  • Albina Marinin

  • Rumana Afrin

  • Jason Onwubiko