5th grade Lions Live News Broadcast

  • All fifth graders who are interested may fill out a permission slip for the Lions Live News in-school broadcast.  This is a closed circuit show produced each morning to share announcements and information for students, teachers, and staff. Applications will be available Tuesday, August 6th.

    Criteria for news crew members:

    1. Students complete class assignments in a timely manner and have good school attendance.
    2. Students must be able to report to the Media Center by 7:50 a.m. each day while on crew.
    3. Students must have respectful and responsible behavior, especially during Lions News productions.
    4. Students must agree to attend all training sessions.  These sessions will be done 2 days before going on air.

    Failure to meet and keep any of the above criteria may result in losing news crew privleges.  This is under the discretion of Ms. Scott and the student's classroom teacher.

    If you are interested in being on the Lions news crew, you  must turn your permission slip in by the deadline. Students will fill out the permission slip, including getting a parent signature, and return it to your teacher by Tuesday, August 13th. This is the only time you can sign up to be on the crew because Ms. Scott will set up the schedule for the whole year from the permission slips turned in now.  Remember, there are several different jobs for news crew, so if you don’t want to be an anchor on air, there are still other jobs available. 

    News Crew Job Descriptions 

    You will be trained on all jobs prior to starting your time on the news crew.  Although you may have a preference, understand that you may do all jobs through a rotation system.  The only job you may choose not to do is anchor.  No one has to be on-air as an anchor if they are not comfortable.  However, being flexible is key.  Many students start the news crew and don’t wish to be an anchor but after a few days on crew, they change their minds and try the anchor position and are glad they gave it a try.

    • Anchors- Each crew has 2 anchor positions.  The anchors deliver the morning announcements to the school.
    • Video mixer- This person uses the mixing machine to change what we see on-air.  They change the show from the anchors to the pledge, artwork, and other speakers.
    • Sound mixer-This person uses the sound board to turn the microphones on and off as well as control the volume for all the microphones on the show.
    • Computer operator- This person is responsible for adjusting the script each day as well as running the teleprompter during rehearsals and the show.