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  • Information Sources

    Students can access a wide variety of research databases and resources through the My eClass portal. They should log-in and select "Online Research Library." Inside our MackinVia portal, students can choose from a wide variety of databases by clicking "Open Now" on their selections. Students should make sure they've enabled the "Always Allow" on the pop up blocker, if needed.


    MLA Resources

    MLA Style Writing Guide published by Purdue University

    Citation Machine: enter source information and it will put it in the correct format

    EasyBib is available to Gwinnett County students as a "Premium Subscription." Students can access the bibliography maker and notes functions by logging into My eClass and "Online Research Library."


    Quick Reference: How to cite from various sources


    Book with one author

    Author’s last name, (comma)
    first name. (period)
    Title of Book. (underline, period)
    Edition. (period) (If second edition)
    Place of publication: (colon)
    Publisher, (comma)
    Year of publication. (period)

    Book with one author example: Blackwood, Gary. The Shakespeare Stealer. New York: Button Children’s books, 1998.


    Book with more than one author

    Write the first author’s name as you see above and the next authors name as you see them on the cover, but separated with a comma and the word and. Example: Benton, Michael, and Tom Holtz.
    *When there are more than three authors, the fourth is listed as



    Author of the article, using the last name first and separated by a comma. (comma) (period)
    Title of the article in quotation marks (period)
    Book title. (period)
    Name of encyclopedia. (period)
    Date of publication
    Edition. (period)

    Encyclopedia example: Davis, John A. “Venice”. World Book. 2001 ed.


    Reference book

    Author of article if they are not the author or editor of the book. (last name, first name.period)
    “Title of the article in quote marks (period)
    Book Title: (colon) subtitle. (period)
    Ed. (editor’s last, first name. period).
    Edition. (period)
    Volume number. (period).
    Place of publication: (colon)
    Publisher, (comma)
    Year of publication. (period)
    Page numbers. (period)

    Reference Book example: Benton, Michael, and Holtz, Tom. “Reptiles”. Dinosaurs of the World. Ed.Chris Marshall. Vol.8. New York: Marshall Cavendish,1999.490-493.



    Author’s last name, first name. (period)
    “Article Title.” (title in quotes, period)
    Name of Magazine (underlined)
    Date: (colon)
    Page numbers. (period)

    Magazine example: De Roy, Tui. “Summer In Antarctica”. National Wildlife Dec/Jan.2003: 36D-36I


    Electronic and World Wide Web

    Author’s last name, (comma)
    Author’s first name. (period)
    “Title of Article”. (quotation marks and period)
    Title of Book or online journal or Encyclopedia. (underlined, period)
    Date of latest update. (period)
    Name of person or organization responsible for the website or database. (period)
    Date when you went to this site.


    Here are some examples from our media page resources and the WWW:


    Example BigChalk website:

    Degross, Renee. “Skateboard Park Coming to Mall of Georgia”. The Atlanta Constitution. July 26, 2001: sec B. BigChalk Library.New York, NY.: bigchalk .com,inc., 2001. GCPS, Lawrenceville, Ga 8 Jan 2003 <

    You will note there is more information needed here with organization responsible for presenting information. Both the producers of BigChalk and the county share this place. The online databases are probably the most complicated to cite.

    Example National Geographic Website: 

    Owen, James. “Aggressive Seagulls Menacing Urban Britain”. 7 January 2003. National Geographic. 8 Jan 2003

    Gale Databases:

    Lauber, Patricia. “Volcano: The Eruption and Healing of Mount St. Helens”. UXL Junior Discovering Authors. UXL, 1997: Junior Reference Collection, Farmington Hills, MI.: Gale Group, 2001. GCPS, Lawrenceville, Ga 8 Jan 2003 <>


    Online Encyclopedia:

    “New Mexico.” World Book Online. 1999 World Book. 8 Jan 2003



    Last name of interviewee, first name. (period)
    Kind of interview such as personal or telephone. (period)
    Date of interview.(period)

    Interview example: Smith, David. Personal Interview. January 10th, 2014.