• Check-Out Policy:

    A students may check out up to 3 books at a time on his/her account (only 1 book can be a graphic novel). 

    A student may renew his/her book(s) twice.

    If a student has an overdue or lost book, they may not check out another one until the overdue book is returned or payment for the lost book has been received.

    A student may only check out upper level fiction books/teen mature fiction (books marked with orange color dots) if his/her parent or legal guardian has submitted a permission form. Parents/Guardians may submit the permission form online at MyPaymentsPlus.

    If a student wishes to hold a book, he/she must complete the hold request in Destiny. Only 1 book at a time may be placed on hold. 


    The Cost of Lost Books:

    Lost book fee--$20.00 Hardback, $10.00 Paperback



    Students may make up to 5 black and white prints and 1 color print from the media center computers.


    Trickum Middle School Selection Policy:

    Trickum Middle School actively collects materials that support the Gwinnett County AKS and the Common Core. With that in mind, we also select materials that support our diverse student population with a variety of reading interests, levels, and tastes. Our areas of collection include:

    • Upper Elementary (Grades 3-5)

    • Tween (Grades 6-8)

    • Teen Mature (Grades 8-10) (books marked with orange color dots)

    Our teen mature fiction collection includes language, themes or controversial subjects such as human rights violations, issues related to sexuality, or other teen situations that are appropriate for the mature student or advanced reader who feels that he or she is ready for books that transition into high school libraries. The Media Center uses orange color dots to identify these books that are suitable for upper Middle School and early High School readers. Our Media Center strongly encourages parents/guardians to talk to their child about this subject and agree on what you feel is appropriate as reading material. Students may only check out upper level fiction books/teen mature fiction (books marked with orange color dots) if their parent/guardian has submitted a permission form. Parents/guardians may submit the permission form online at MyPaymentsPlus.

    Please contact our Media Specialist, Tammy Palmer, if you have further questions about our teen mature fiction and nonfiction.