Car Rider Procedures

  • Morning Drop Off

    As you reference the provided traffic map, please note the blue arrows designate the pathway for car rider drop off.  There are two entrances for car riders, one at the traffic light and another near Peachtree Corners East.  It is highly encouraged to use the Peachtree Corners East entrance. This will reduce the number of times you will encounter buses.  For your child’s safety it is critical that students exit the vehicle only after you have driven around the turn about, and your child is able to exit on the same side as the curb leading to the back of the school.  From there your son or daughter can safely enter the building through the main doors facing the student parking lot.  To exit, you will proceed past the side of the building, through the front visitor parking lot, and exit at the traffic light. 

    Please note: Buses will have the right-away as they enter, so you may be asked to pause before crossing over into the visitor parking lot. 

    Afternoon Pick Up

    The same route for morning drop off will be utilized for afternoon pick up which is designated by blue arrows on the traffic map.  At 1:50 PM, students not riding the bus home will exit the doors located at the back of the building.  At that point students need to quickly find and enter the appropriate vehicle.  Since students and their safety is everyone’s priority, we will hold the car rider lane until the buses have departed.  The loading and departing of buses should take about five minutes.  We will use those few minutes to load as many car riders as possible safely, which will reduce the chance of any accidents.  Once the car rider lane starts moving, please use caution as you proceed through the visitor parking lot and to the traffic light.

Paul Duke STEM Traffic Map

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