• Students: Ask Yourself These Questions?

    • Do you have a job?
    • Would you like to earn school credit for working?

    If so, stop by room 169 to get answers to all of your questions about WBL.

    These forms must be completed and turned in before a student will be enrolled in the class.

    Course Requirements:

    1. Coordinator Approval Required
    2. Students must attend class the FIRST week and ONCE a week on Tuesdays or Wednesdays in Room 169.
    3. Must have had, or is currently taking, a unit of related course work.

    Three Options for Work-Based Learning:


    Students have already earned 1 credit in related course work and plans to pursue a career in the area. (Any subject area)


    Students are concurrently enrolled in a related Technical Education course, paid or unpaid job. (Business and Computer Science courses)


    Students have already earned a minimum of 1 credit in a Technical Education course. (Business and Computer Science courses)

    For the required work hours for credit - Check with the coordinator.

  • Work-Based Learning Coordinator

    Cheryl Deas Picture

    Ms. Cheryl D. Deas
    (Click on the name to e-mail the teacher)

    Phone Number: 770-682-4172

    2019 Phoenix HS Teacher of the Year

    GCPS WBL Pathway Lead

    GACTE Division Vice President