Positive Behavior
  • Discipline Program

    What is PBIS?

    Welcome to Camp Creek PBIS! I hope that you will find this site informational for you. At Camp Creek we believe in the whole child. We have a school wide system in place. At Camp Creek we want to teach positive behaviors and reward those behaviors.

    PBIS stands for positive behavioral interventions and supports. There are three main components of PBIS. They are teaching appropriate behavior in all settings, providing interventions when behavior expectations are not met, and recognizing students when behavior expectations are met.

    PBIS is a team based school-wide design for discipline which includes all students and all staff in all settings. It is a program that can be modified as we go along to better meet the needs of our student population by using the results of surveys completed by students, parents, and staff and the analysis of discipline data.

    Behavior and Classroom Management

    Our teachers provide:

    • A Tier 1 classroom system for teaching expectations, providing acknowledgments, and managing rule violations
    • Classroom management decisions that are based on classroom behavioral data
    • Curriculum matched to student need and data

    PBIS Committee Members

    • Kim Britt
    • Teaneal Brown
    • Felicia Cathey
    • Adria Daniels
    • Monika Garrett
    • Jennifer Haynes
    • Cathy Koon
    • Anna Machado
    • Pam Petrillo
    • Candy Norcini
    • Madison Pogue
    • Lynn Tiller
    • Cheryl Draper – Parent

    Administrative Representatives

    • Karen Casanova
    • Valerie Robinett