• Counseling Department

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    Camp Creek Elementary School Counselors provide classroom guidance lessons, small group sessions, and individual counseling for students and their families.

    The Professional School Counselors at Camp Creek Elementary School implement a data-driven, evidence-based comprehensive school counseling program. The program promotes and enhances student academic achievement, career exploration, and personal/social competencies.

    The Gwinnett County Public School Office of Advisement and Counseling embraces the use of The American School Counseling Association (ASCA) National Model. The competencies chosen are based on the national model.
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    ASCA competencies 

    In addition to the above program components, the counselors work closely with parents, administrators, and staff on any issue affecting students. The information that is discussed with a counselor is confidential. The exception to this would be if a student is being harmed, plans to harm himself or someone else.

    The counselors are available daily during school hours or by appointment, and can also be reached by calling the school at (770) 921-1626.