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  • Gwinnett Online Campus at GIVE Center West

    The Gwinnett Online Campus (GOC) Center at GIVE Center West serves as an opportunity for students to continue their progress towards high school graduation requirements in GCPS.  The GOC Center model provides a true blended learning opportunity utilizing a GOC trained instructor in the classroom and a GOC content teacher in the online courses.  

    Benefits to students taking courses through Gwinnett Online Campus:

    •  Students utilize 21st-century skills using many different types of technology and communication tools
    •  Students gain independence and are expected to take charge of their learning and become self-advocates
    •  Collaboration between the online and classroom teachers provides strong academic support
    •  Students work through online lessons at their own pace to meet weekly deadlines and have 24/7 access
    •  Students can be enrolled in courses which might not be offered otherwise at GIVE Center West