Green Team

  • Green Team


    The mission of the Arcado Green Team is promoting environmental knowledge and awareness. This is accomplished mainly through recycling. Environmental education is encouraged through a “hands-on” approach. Team members take the responsibility of collecting and recyclable items throughout the school. Global thinking, problem-solving, cooperative learning, and service education are among the many benefits of team membership.

    Faculty Advisor: 

    Planned Activities

    Operating school recycling center
    Weekly collection of classroom paper
    Education of student body through book talks
    Information sharing through school news show and infomercials
    Working closely with science education teacher
    Working in cooperation with Environmental Committee with PTA
    Special events


    Fourth graders with a “C” or greater average are invited to complete an application by an announced “cut off” date. Applications will be reviewed by a Teacher Selection Team. Incomplete applications will be rejected.


    Arcado Elementary PTA Environmental Committee
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