Engineering & Technology

  • Foundations of Engineering & Technology

    This STEM driven course gives an overview of engineering and technology including the different methods used in the engineering design process developing fundamental technology and engineering literacy. 

    Engineering Concepts

    This yearlong course is designed to further the development of student knowledge and skills in engineering drawings (such as dimensioning, pictorials, sections, and auxiliary views) related to industries such as construction and transportation.  Projects include designing, building, and testing structural problems such as towers, bridges, and VEX Robotic systems.

    Energy and Power Technology

    This yearlong course explores the relationship between force, work, energy, and power. Students study the characteristics, availability, conversion, control, transmission, and storage of energy and power. Students will explore and apply the principles of electrical, fluid, and mechanical power. Students will research renewable, non-renewable, and inexhaustible resources and conservation efforts.

  • Teacher

    Camelia Calvert

    Room D1.551