Web & Digital Design

  • Introduction to Digital Technology

    This course is designed for high school students to understand, communicate, and adapt to a digital world as it impacts their personal life, society, and the business world. Exposure to foundational knowledge in employability, hardware, software, programming, web design, and networks are all taught in a computer lab with hands-on activities and project focused tasks.

    Digital Design (Prerequisite: Introduction to Digital Technology & Teacher Approval)

    Students will create and learn digital media applications using elements of text, graphics (Photoshop), animation (Flash), sound (Audition), video (Premiere Pro) and digital imaging for various format. Emphasis will be placed on effective use of tools for interactive multimedia production including storyboarding, visual development, project management, digital citizenship, and web design.

    Web Design (Prerequisite:  Intro to Digital Technology, Digital Design & Teacher Approval)

    Using an online software known as uCertify, students learn to develop Web sites using HTML5 and CSS. You will learn to write code manually with Notepad++, as well as use graphical user interface authoring tools. You will also work with images, create hyperlinks, and add tables, forms, video and audio to your Web pages. Upon course completion, you will take the Site Development Associate Certification Exam with a chance to earn an industry recognized certification.

  • Teacher

    Nick Johnson

    Room G1.116